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Confronting the Inside is a modern story-driven take to Space Invaders where players face two enemies inside their negative subconscious. You play Ruby, a teenager with a troubled past and nervous as she attends therapy for the first time. Through encouraging dialogue and suggested coping mechanisms told to her, Ruby's internal environment changes beautifully to match her new mindset of overcoming life fears and self-image.

In this short 5-8 minute demo, players must mechanically reflect pessimistic words thrown by the enemies and release positive words of affirmation to convert them into happy creatures.  Designed to be easy to pick up and master, this game is a metaphor commentary on how therapy can help impact anyone become a better version of themselves.

How to Play using Keyboard: Move left and right with the arrow keys and Space Bar to reflect projectiles being thrown at you.

Using Controller: Move left and right on the analog stick and X to reflect projectiles.


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